Paths are made by walking.
F. Kafka

Learn to let go, to move on.

What does my baggage offer? 🧳

Hi there,

my name is Janine Bauer. For many years, I have been guiding people from various backgrounds in their learning journeys, bringing along international expertise and an important dose of humor. My curiosity and interest in diversity lead me not only to different countries 🌍 but also influences my working style.

For me, having a transformation mindset means facing current challenges with transformative learning, enabling new perspectives, and efficiently guiding UNlearning journeys.

I am deeply engaged with concepts of brain-friendly learning, behavioral sciences, and psychology to enrich the field of Learning & Development with innovative approaches to shifting mindsets and behaviors.

Enabling knowledge on equal terms

In traditional knowledge transmission, one often feels as if in a classroom. Experts provide input on how things should be done from now on, regardless of whether I already possess some skills in my baggage. The structure of learning is oriented towards the teaching person and their expertise. After receiving input, practice is conducted using examples.
Unfortunately, this often lacks personal context or strategies for applying the new knowledge to oneself. As a result, little change occurs in both professional and personal life. Despite further education, individuals continue their journey with the same baggage.

My approach with UNlearning facilitation allows placing the learners and their resources at the center. I design inclusive, interactive, and sustainable formats where people of different ages, backgrounds, personal resources, and prior knowledge engage with important topics. With appreciation, self-efficacy, and a lot of curiosity, we embark on a learning journey together, checking the current baggage and inviting new elements for the journey.

Education and vocation 🗺️


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