Transformation Mindset

An UNLearning Journey

Tired of learning without seeing impact?

Let's begin a journey that sparks transformation.

The motivation to learn

Is it curiosity, the desire for personal growth, or the new challenges that ‘invite’ us to learn? Digitalization in both professional and personal contexts demands, among other things, media literacy, digital skills, new leadership and communication approaches, as well as a Growth Mindset from us. 

Learning follows the path of (digital) transformation, which we follow – sometimes more, sometimes less willingly. Not only should we plan this path well, but also design and guide it professionally and efficiently.

Welcome on board

A learning process at Transformation Mindset engages with the following elements:

UNLearning Journey

On learning journeys, we receive new information and can prepare for the new destinations. Along the way, we have the opportunity to adjust our current baggage in favor of the change.


On the learning journey, we can gain new experiences, consciously rethink and reorganize our baggage so that we can successfully arrive at the new destination. 

Growth Mindset

The researcher and psychology professor Carol Dweck refers to people with a Growth Mindset as those who believe they can improve their abilities through hard work, good strategies, and support from others.


The baggage of learners consists of existing resources, current mindset, behavior, and knowledge, etc., that we have collected on our life and career journey.

As a UNLearning Journey Guide, I strive not only to highlight what travelers already bring with them but also to design a path that addresses the challenges that arise in the learning process.

⚡ Barriers to successful learning journeys

The intense period of (digital) transformation demands rapid learning and adaptation to the new context from us. Yet, there’s this very human resistance to change. We might feel overwhelmed, afraid to start something new, or see no point in changing something, including ourselves, especially if we haven’t chosen the new learning journey ourselves.

Rethinking or doing things differently initially requires more energy than acting out of habit. As a result, to safe energy, the brain clings to familiar paths and current baggage because “that’s how we’ve always done it” 😉 and it’s easier for us. However, we not only have to accept this but also work smartly with it!

What are the barriers to successfully reaching the learning destination?

Hence, it requires forward-thinking guidance on the journey, making the learning journey as barrier-free as possible and brain-friendly and empowering for the learners.

🙌 Challenge accepted

Hello Transformation Mindset

Transformation Mindset formats enable the current ‘baggage check’ and the safe journey & arrival at the new learning destination. Digital work, media literacy, a new understanding of leadership and communication require a meaningful new orientation map and guidance during the learning process. 

We aim to ensure that the newly learned stays in our baggage, and we don’t just remember the lunch of the learning journey.

What does a successful learning journey look like to reach our destination faster and with the right baggage?

My learning guidance offers the following success factors:

A shared learning experience involving people with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and approaches helps to engage with new information and respectfully question existing baggage.

Meaning is the glue for the brain! When we’re allowed to really engage in a topic ourselves, and co-create the learning path, the learning even gains higher value – like an “Ikea effect” – and remains more sustainable in memory. Also, when applying new knowledge, we focus on the “how”.

Being able to rethink our point of view brings more understanding, flexibility, and space for co-creation. We invite a growth mindset, change, and, of course, new perspectives.

We need space for reflection to become aware of our existing baggage (knowledge, mindset, behavior, etc.). What important things have we accumulated? What is needed now? What can I let go of?

The Transformation Mindset Journey

UNLearning Facilitation

I foster a Growth Mindset and activate the self-efficacy of learning travelers.

Our common focus: being able to work through, experience, and understand learning content. Having space to address one's current mindset.

Change of perspective

Together, we create space for unlearning and innovation.

My learning guidance enables a culture of engagement, appreciative exploration, and better understanding of other perspectives.
Diversity as enrichment.

Learning support

I support other experts in designing innovative learning and unlearning formats.

They learn to present crucial content in an engaging manner and provide a clear structure for others easy to follow.

🕵🏼Learning & Unlearning: Efficient "partners in crime"

Parting with cherished belongings is challenging for all of us!
Similarly, letting go of what we’ve already learned can be just as difficult.

The things we know and the way we think have helped us on our journey until now. They’re precious to us, and it’s hard to leave them behind. But if we want to learn something new, we have to recognize that some of it can be outdated and accept that we need to let go of it.

Unlearning is thus a crucial aspect of the learning process. Existing baggage is both appreciated and challenged in order to integrate new learnings and let go of obstacles to reach the new learning destination.

With learning and unlearning, you not only reach the new destination faster but also with the suitable baggage. 🧳

🙅🏻Goodbye autopilot!

We're now in the driver's seat for a conscious and sustainable learning journey.

Transformation requires space to update mindsets.
In our collaboration, we don't just add important knowledge; we also make existing baggage visible through group exchange and can check its relevance for the new learning destination.

I am guiding UNLearning Journeys with international
expertise & creativity & humor